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Litebox LED Lighting Kit

Whether you are shooting a video for a YouTube channel, conducting an on-camera interview, or simply doing some product photography that requires studio-level lighting.

You certainly know the importance of providing optimal light for your shots. While many video and camera operators, (even on the amateur level) spend much of their budget on cameras and lenses, lighting can sometimes be overlooked, leading to purchasing a cheap product that provides mediocre lighting and operation.

Litebox aims to address that with a professional continuous lighting setup that is affordable and of high quality.

The result? We think they pulled it off quite handily. The Litebox LED Lighting Kit has everything you need to create adjustable “daylight” continuous lighting for a variety of applications in a small to mid-size room.

About The Litebox LED Lighting Kit

Continuous lighting is a must when doing video, but it can also be used for certain forms of photography. The Litebox LED Lighting Kit is intended to be a one-stop-shop of sorts, providing you with a pair of light stands, LED light rigs, softbox diffuser, and even a travel bag to tote it all around.

Setup is fairly quick, and the light bulb assemblies even have cooling fans to ensure smoother operation over extended periods of time -- a must with any continuous lighting.

Lighting Kit

They are highly dimmable as well, so you can get the perfect amount of lighting needed for your shots with the turning of a responsive knob.

Technical Specs

Everything is in pairs with the Litebox LED Lighting Kit, aside from the carrying bag:

  • Professional Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stands (7'6" Max)
  • Studio-45 Dimmable LED Lights with Diffuser
  • ​Reflective Softbox for Studio-45 LED Lights
  • ​Carrying Bag with Handle
  • ​100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The light stands are made with a matte black finish, and can extend anywhere from 2'3" to 7’6”. They weigh a combined 2.5 lbs, and have slip-resistant rubber tips on the legs as well.

As for the light assemblies themselves, they consume 45 watts, and put out 55,000 lumens of daylight colored light. Sizing is mid-range, with diameter of 6”, and a depth of 5”. A 10 foot standard US cord powers the lights, and a knob on the back controls the intensity of the light amount.

The softboxes are 20”x28”, and include four flex poles and diffuser covers.

What Customers Say

100% of the reviews left by those that have purchased the Litebox LED Lighting Kit are either 4 or 5 stars, with 63% of the reviewers giving a 5 star rating. The majority of reviews highlight the wide light amount range, as well as the adjustability of the stands.

Travel Kit Litebox

As long as you have a room under a mid-size, you’ll have enough light from the two assemblies for professional results. The kit is easy to get started with, and compacts down in a matter of seconds.

The only real complaints to be found were from a few customers lamenting the fan noise from the light assemblies - although another pointed out that the noise can easily be edited out of a video, or be undetected when someone is simply talking.


Anyone that shoots videos or product photos on any level realizes that lighting is crucial to attaining a professional look within the camera. Many are hesitant to spend a large amount of money on lighting setups, especially when starting out.

While the Litebox LED Lighting Kit is definitely able to be used on a professional level, those that are starting out will have no trouble using it, and can easily grow in their knowledge and expertise while using the kit over time.

The lights are built to last as well -- using them every day for five hours a day would last well into 6 years of use.

With the quality, longevity, and ease of use, a light kit for this price is already a massive bargain, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee really seals the deal. We highly recommend this kit. .

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