Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox on White Background

Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox

Whether you’re in a large professional studio or if you’ve turned a room in your house into your own little studio, you’re going to want there to be plenty of light while you’re filming or taking photographs. The harsh lighting you get from the fluorescent lights isn’t going to do your photos or videos any justice. In fact, many times it’ll make your work look amateur and not that great. This is where the Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox 24”x24” can help.

About The Company

The Neewer Brand, owned by Shenzhen Xing Ying Da Industry Company, is labeled as a vibrant international enterprise that specializes in the development of equipment for the photography, film, and music industries. They focus on researching and developing products that can be used within all three segments of the entertainment business. Their products range from amateur equipment to complete setups that are ideal for professionals.

Light Bulb in Diffuser Illustration

The brand was created in 2010, and since then, they listened to their consumers to give them what they want at a cost effective price point. Through research and reaching out to their customers, their products are “Pro Quality, Amateur Prices.” Do they live up to their slogan? Let’s review their product and see!

Technical Specs 

Since this kit is labeled as a professional lighting kit, you can expect gear that is good for photo-art, advertising products, scientific and technical photography, and photographic reproduction. In this kit, you will receive:

  • 2 24”x24” (60x60 cm) Softbox
  • 2 85 5500K CFL lightbulb+
  • 2 88” (224 cm) Light Stand
  • 1 carrying bag

The softboxes are used to defuse light, providing you with the right amount of balanced lighting to give you the quality shots that you’re looking for. The boxes use an E27 socket so you can connect the light bulbs directly into it.

LED Light Bulb For Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox

You can also use fluorescent lamps or even slave flash, depending on your needs and preferences. You can use the removable external diffusers to get the right amount of soft lighting that you’re looking for. With these boxes, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of shadow that’s cast on your subject.

The 85W 5500K CFL Light bulbs operate at a low temperature. This means that the bulbs won’t get nearly as hot as other bulbs commonly used for photography, but they still provide the brilliant light you expect out of a professional grade light box.

These bulbs are great for photo and video studio lighting. We do want to point out that if you want to get different bulbs, you will need to make sure they will fit into the E27 sized socket and there aren’t many options for this socket size.

The light stands are constructed from a strong, but light-weight, aluminum alloy, making them perfect for heavy duty work and are even able to survive klutzy assistants. They set up easily, thanks to being able to fold up When you want to set them up, they will lock in place by using the single adjustment locks. The locks allow you to adjust the height of the stand so you can get the exact height and lighting that you’re looking for.

Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox Diffuser Ajdustment

This kit is able to support all major photo equipment like:

  • Reflectors
  • Softboxes
  • Lights
  • Umbrellas
  • Backgrounds

What Customers Say

Of the customers who purchased Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox Light Kit, 69% left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, people have said that they really are able to give you the lighting that you’re looking for to take awesome photographs.

One person said that when taking photos in room lighting with these lights, you can see yourself perfectly, whether you want to see your blemishes and imperfections or not. Many of the reviewers feel that this particular light kit was the best purchase they ever made.

Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox Tripods

On the other hand of the spectrum, 31% of customers who purchased this kit were not nearly as happy, as evident because of the 3-star or below ratings they left. Of these reviews, a common complaint was that they tend to flicker about a month after moderate use. They speculate that this flickering is the result of faulty wiring.

Another reviewer shared that their light boxes have become slightly “wonky” and not square, which makes the cover not fit like it is supposed to. Another consumer said the product felt like it wasn’t constructed well and talked about how the clips will not stay in place, thus making a standing fall and not staying at the height you want.


While reading through the specs of this particular light kit, you would like to believe that this is a great deal at just under $80. The adjustable stands, the softboxes that are able to provide ample lighting while removing the shadows, and the ability to use light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or slave flash for your photos. Unfortunately, it seems like Neewer couldn’t quite live up to their slogan of “Pro Quality, Amateur Prices.”

Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox Bag
4.0 Star Rating

Although more than half the of the people who purchased this kit love their purchase and feel like it is a great value, that just isn’t enough in our opinion. There are far too many complaints regarding the integrity of the product’s construction to recommend this light kit.

The customers who did complain about the construction were able to get their products repaired by the company at no cost, they shouldn’t have had to contact the company about faulty wiring, lights that won’t work, and other problems in the first place.

If you’re in desperate need of a lighting kit and don’t mind taking a risk, then this is a good choice. As one customer aptly said, “You get what you pay for.” They are cheap, and with a little finagling, they’ll do the job.

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